Digital communications for ARES in Alberta

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This page is meant to hold some information about digital communications in support of ARES in Alberta. Although many of the concepts will work elsewhere.

APRS Message Participants

Word count recommendation: If sending an important or ARES message via APRS send the word count. If using the standard message form then that's part of the form anyhow. But if an informal message then at the end of the message. The maximum length of a individual APRS message packet is 67 characters. The programs I've used so far will split these messages into as many packets as required. However as APRS is a connectionless system there are no guarantees that the entire packet has been received at the other end. Adding a word count as appropriate can greatly help. The word count shouldn't be in a packet all by itself as that packet alone might be lost.

An ARES message being sent via APRS should have a message number as well as other information as per standard messaging forms. Receipt of the complete message should acknowledged in a reply by the recipient operator. This is the same as voice messaging.

Sending emails via APRS: You can send email messages by using the following syntax
EMAIL <insert email address in @ format> Insert your email text here
however I don't think folks can reply to the email.

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