APRS Message Participants

The following call signs/SSIDs are available for folks to participate in sending messages. Please add your information to this site or email Tony VE6MVP using the contact page. (Oh yeah, VA6OO is the call sign that I, VE6MVP, am using on APRS.)

Note: Before sending a message check the target recipients raw packet activity to see if they have been on RF or the Internet recently. Keeping in mind that times are in GMT. Although if you go to the Info aprs.fi link you will see the local time and the length of time since last packet. Otherwise your device may get stuck on sending that message and subsequent outbound messages not go through on your device.

VA6OO Igate running APRSIS32
VA6OO-4 APRSIS32 running on a PC - Intermittently on - check first
VA6OO-9 Mobile Nuvi 350 GPS via an Argent T2-301 data radio


VE6XVK-10 Mobile

VE6AB-13 Mobile TinyTrak4 with keyboard and display


VE6SRT APRSIS32 installation at VE6SRT's home
VE6SRT-7 Yaesu VX-8GR
VE6SRT-9 Kenwood TM-D710A
VE6RWM APRSIS32 installation at VE6SRT's volunteer FD

VE6SAR-8 APRSIS32 IGate Grimshaw

VE6SU-5 Stephen in Wainwright (on the computer that is)

Note that the contents of messages are only retained by aprs.fi for fourteen days.

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